Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain Cold Review

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Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain Cold
Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain Cold
Breville BJE200XL Price Breville 800JEXL Price Breville BJE430SIL Price
  • 3 Inch Feed Chute
  • 3 Inch Feed Chute
  • 3 Inch Feed Chute
  • 25 Ounce Juice Jug
  • 1.1 Quart Juice Jug
  • 70 Ounce Sealable Juice Jug
  • 1.6 Quart Pulp Container
  • Large 3.2 Quart Pulp Container
  • Extra Large 3.4 Quart Pulp Container
  • 700W Electric Motor
  • 2-Speed 1000W Motor
  • 2-Speed 850W Motor
  • 1 Year Limited Product Warranty
  • 1 Year Limited Product Warranty
  • 1 Year Limited Product Warranty
  • Review Summary

    In third place, but far from last is the Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain Cold. A fantastic centrifugal juicer that stands out for very different reasons than the other two Breville juicers we have reviewed. While both the BJE200XL and 800JEXL cater to daily users with power and size being the main difference between them, the Breville BJE430SIL is aimed at a very different market. The BJE430SIL is built for customers who want to make batches of juice less frequently.

    This Breville juicer is ideal for anyone who does meal prep, particularly bodybuilders and powerlifters, but also moms and dads whose time is at a premium. Enormous capacity is driving principle behind the BJE430SIL juicer's design. A huge pulp container, a specially made storage jug and Breville's extra wide feed chute make it easy to make and store very large quantities of juice.

    The 850 watt motor rivals its slightly more powerful cousin, the Breville 800JEXL, for performance. In tests it has shown to be perfectly reliable during prolonged use, which it will be doing a lot of during its lifetime. There is some excellent engineering in this juicer, with technologies designed to maximize the amount of nutrients extracted, as well as the volume of juice. The build quality is great as we have come to expect of Breville juicers at this stage. Cleaning can be really hard work on many other centrifugal juicer models but simple, hassle free disassembly and design that minimizes heavy clogging make the BJE430SIL a doddle to clean. We had it taken apart, cleaned and put back together in a couple of minutes.

    This Breville juicer retails well under $200, putting it midway in the centrifugal juicer price range. The BJE430SIL is the perfect balance of power, features and affordability, well within the budget of families with children, who need the extra capacity.

    Performance and Features

    The Breville BJE430SIL features the well proven Nutri-Disc cutters made of high grade stainless steel that is completely impervious to corrosion. Despite constant and heavy use in acidic, oxidizing juices the Nutri-Disc cutter showed absolutely no sign of corrosion and remained extremely sharp. It is this sharpness that drives the exceptionally high efficency rate of this Breville juicer.

    The 850 watt motor in this centrifugal juicer is surprisingly quiet for such a powerful motor. It did not show any loss of power or heat up at all during an extended test. This is really important when considering a centrifugal juicer for big batches. The motor is going to run a lot, so it needs to be robust and generate as little heat as possible. The BJE430SIL features an innovative cold spin technology that keeps the machine cold and almost completely eliminates heat transfer to the juice (less than 1.8F). This is why the BJE430SIL can manage to extract the same level of nutrients and enzymes as a masticating or "cold press" juicer that costs 3 times the price.

    This Breville juicer features a huge pulp container, at 3.6qt (3.4L) it is the largest on the market. This means you can juice very large amounts of fruit and vegetables without having to waste time emptying the pulp. In our opinion, the Seal and Store 70oz (2L) juice jug makes the BJE430SIL worth every penny. This custom designed jug is holds a huge amount of juice and keeps it fresh in your refrigerator for up to 3 days. The big problem with juicers often is keeping quantities of juice fresh for long enough. The BJE430SIL completely solves this problem.

    A generously proportioned 3" feed chute means you can feed whole fruit and vegetables into the juicer without any kind of prep. We were really impressed with the amount of juice that can be made in such a short space of time. This Breville juicer was clearly built with busy people in mind. Everything about it speeds up the process as much as possible.

    The motor can be run at a slower speed of 6500rpm to get the most out of softer fruits and its second higher speed of 13,000rpm slices through sweet potatoes and pineapples effortlessly.

    For such a big juicer, its footprint on a worktop is surprisingly neat and its sleek modern finish makes it a great centerpiece in a kitchen.

    Ease of Use and Safety

    This juicer is tall to give it the largest capacity with the smallest footprint. It uses an Elevated Juicing System to fill the extra large Seal and Store 70oz jug. There is absolutely no spill or mess with this system and it ensures you get 100% of the juice. Nothing is lost in dead space at the bottom of the BJE430SIL.

    Any electric motor that is going to get heavy duty use needs specific safety overload protection. The Breville BJE430SIL features just such protection and includes an overload warning LED for visually warn of any problem. There motor and cutting function are exceptionally smooth, owing both to its power and the sharpness of the blade. This means the BJE430SIL is very quiet and doesn’t vibrate like cheaper models.

    The juice yield is fantastic, the pulp is very dry which shows that this Breville juicer is consistently extracting over 90% of the juice present in the fruit. The BJE430SIL really stands out in the quality of the juice it produces. A combination of its cold spin technology and a high quality, Italian made mesh filter that surrounds its cutting disc almost eliminates heat transfer. The result is juice that contains almost all the nutrients and enzymes present in the fruit. Less expensive models suffer from motors heating up, heating the juicer and consequently the juice. Heating juice breaks down all the beneficial components of it, effectively destroying the best part of the juice.

    Warranty and Support

    The Breville BJE430SIL comes with an excellent manufacturer's one year limited warranty in addition to your statutory consumer protection. Breville will replace or repair any of their centrifugal juicer range that suffers from a materials or workmanship defect within a year of purchase.

    Breville BJE430SIL Price